Our Work in Ghana

GUBA Foundation has impacted 8000 plus individuals across the UK, Ghana and USA. We have been on a mission to support communities and make a lasting impact. We work with local partners and donors to fund our programs for the rural communities with the greatest needs and most vulnerable populations.

A GUBA Anthem for Charity

Crafted as a charitable endeavor, the GUBA Anthem for Charity saw collaboration with numerous African singers and producers. Together, they created a vibrant anthem that is now accessible for purchase on iTunes. Every penny generated from these purchases directly contributes to the GUBA Foundation’s initiatives.


James Town Project

In collaboration with prominent celebrities and local leaders, the GUBA Foundation organized a community-driven “clean up” initiative to rejuvenate James Town . This project also extended to educational institutions, where the younger generation was enlightened about the cause. The GUBA Foundation contributed both volunteers and essential resources to support these activities. This unified approach fostered a tangible sense of community unity and engagement, as residents enthusiastically joined forces to actively participate in this impactful project.

Resources to help reduce Infant Mortality

The scarcity of vital medical provisions significantly contributes to the unfortunate rate of infant mortality. Addressing the pressing issue of infant mortality, our campaign focused on providing support to counter the challenges posed by under-resourced and ill-equipped hospitals in Ghana.  In alignment with our mission, the GUBA Foundation took action by furnishing multiple medical clinics across Ghana with 2000 uniforms. This initiative aims to bolster the available resources and enhance the medical care provided, ultimately striving to mitigate the tragic impact of infant mortality.

Donations to Hopesetters Autism Centre in Tema, Ghana

Hopesetters Autism Centre, based in Tema, Ghana, is a collective with a shared mission to promote autism awareness and dismantle the stigma surrounding it. Recognizing their resource needs, the GUBA Foundation stepped in to support their efforts. In 2016, we made a meaningful donation in the form of a crucial laptop and extended financial aid to facilitate the acquisition of sensory items.

In 2018, our involvement continued as we provided T-shirts for their awareness walk and community event, amplifying their advocacy efforts within the local area.