About Us

GUBA Foundation’s mission is to support sustainable development and improve the quality of life for communities in UK, USA and Ghana.

Our Story

The seed that birthed the vision for GUBA Foundation was sown whilst organising the GUBA Awards.

We were recognising talent within the African community and realised that although there are many achievements to highlight, there are also many needs to address.

For example health, disability, education and poverty needs. As a foundation we want to do what we can to try and meet some of these needs.

We want to provide awareness, support and guidance to families, create strong connections encouraging community cohesion, and ensure that the community have access to the services that they require.


The GUBA Foundation seeks to:

Identify and address social problems and challenges with a view to creating a sense of individual and communal responsibility in remedying such problems.
Create equality of opportunity by providing access to services, recreational options and other resources needed to fulfil potential.
Increase knowledge and awareness of issues that affect the community and provide evidence-based solutions that will help to combat issues.
Build and develop confidence, empowering members of the community to engage with and support the issues identified.
Work in partnership with supporting bodies and organisations to deliver practical measures required to meet the assessed needs of the community.
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Focus Areas

Focus Areas

The GUBA Foundation has several focus areas, including:


We provide scholarships and educational opportunities for underprivileged children and young people in UK, USA and Ghana.

We have implemented various programs to promote education, particularly in rural areas where access to quality education is limited. we donate books, educational materials to support their education.

We also implement various educational programs in the United Kingdom to support young people from African and Ghanaian diaspora communities


We support healthcare initiatives and programs that address public health issues, including Autism, malaria, HIV/AIDS and maternal and child health.

Youth Empowerment

We play an important role in promoting youth empowerment and socio-economic development in the UK , USA and Ghana.

Our Team

GUBA Foundation consists of professional volunteers who work tirelessly to meet the communities needs.

Priya Skantharajah

Charity Manager

George Ameyaw

Head of PR & Sponsorships

Barbara Baidoo

Communications & PR Officer

Mandy Asamoah

Family Liaison Officer

Nana Yaa S. Bonsu

Charity Administrator

Sebrina S. Bonsu

Events Coordinator