Our founder Lady Dentaa: The Multi-faceted Jewel of the Ghanaian Diaspora, speaks about GUBA Foundation’s impact

In a recent interview with Black Wall St. Media, Lady Dentaa Amoateng highlighted the GUBA Foundation’s impact and success stories around the core areas of education, health and youth empowerment. Dentaa emphasized on the urgent need for support on the alarming infant mortality rates in the African continent which is every 15 minutes, a child in Ghana loses their life due to the lack of incubators. She highlighted the significance of investing in healthcare, emphasizing that every child could become a future leader and deserving a chance at life and a better future.

Additionally, Lady Dentaa discussed breaking taboos surrounding autism. She shared experiences from the GUBA Foundaiton’s flagship initiative ‘Autism I am not a Stigma’ colloborated with church tours and events at the House of Commons aimed at raising awareness. She emphasized the significance of creating sensory rooms at religious gathering venues tailored for children with autism, and described autistic children as ‘Super Humans’ with exceptional and unique abilities.

Lady Dentaa highlighted the GUBA Foundation’s commitment to education in rural areas, by donating desks and chairs and other materials to schools.

Furthermore, she encouraged the diaspora to actively participate in giving back to Africa, emphasizing the essence of unity and growth encapsulated in the misison we beleive in ‘Grow, Unite, Build ,Africa’ (GUBA) , and signifying the collective endeavor to build a better future.

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