Mentrual Hygiene Day at Shiayennoh Basic School, Accra Ghana

On 28th May 2024, GUBA Foundation marked a special moment for young girls in Ghana, as we made significant progress in breaking the stigma surrounding menstruation.

Many public schools in Ghana lack proper sanitation facilities, leaving girls without a safe space to change during their periods. Consequently, they often miss school, which severely impacts their education and retention.

Adding to this challenge, menstrual hygiene products face a hefty 20% import tax, making them less accessible to those in need.

We are thrilled that GUBA Foundation is making a meaningful difference. Special thanks to our valuable partners @cavemanwatches, @jasper_health and @Flow @aishaafua for their generous donations. We donated hygiene kits to school girls at Shiayennoh Basic School in Accra, including 600 pads and essential menstrual health education.

This initiative is part of our ongoing commitment to menstrual hygiene and the well-being of young girls. By providing these resources and knowledge, we aim to empower these girls to stay in school and pursue their dreams without interruption.

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