GUBA Foundation was delighted to have Mrs. Hannah Otoo join us as our guest speaker. Mrs. Otoo, the Founder & CEO of REYO Foundation (UK & Ghana), Director of the Autism & SEN Show Ghana, and a distinguished SEN professional, led a roundtable discussion engaging our participants, including parents of autistic children.

We delved into essential topics that resonate deeply with our community:

  1. Life After an ASD Diagnosis: Exploring the journey post-diagnosis, navigating challenges, and finding support networks.
  2. Understanding EHCP Applications and Benefits: Providing insights into the complex process of applying for an Education, Health, and Care Plan (EHCP) and accessing available benefits and resources.
  3. Understanding SEN Support: the breadth of support services available, from educational accommodations to therapeutic interventions, and understanding their holistic impact.
  4. Navigating Personal Challenges: Sharing strategies and stories on overcoming personal hurdles while managing the complexities of supporting individuals with autism.

One of our participants said, “I loved the event , a place to be vulnerable with people experiencing similar difficulties to what I face as a mother and sibling of someone with autism. I learnt so much that I wasn’t aware of as a SENCO.”
It was a much needed conversation to be had, and we are looking forward to having more of this. Join us as we continue these enriching conversations, empowering each other through knowledge, understanding, and acceptance of supporting neuor-diverse individuals.