In collaboration with the National Autistic Society and various autism community support groups, the Foundation organized a series of informative autism awareness sessions tailored for BAME communities. Commencing with an event at the House of Commons in London, this initiative was followed by an additional seven gatherings held at places of worship frequented by members of the BAME community.

The seminar titled ‘Autism: I am not a Stigma,’ hosted at the House of Commons, brought together an assembly of individuals. Among them were family members of those living with autism, community leaders, church figures, politicians, and healthcare experts specializing in support services for individuals with special needs. The reception at the House of Commons was accompanied by a surge of interest, marked by numerous requests for extended information and awareness efforts within places of worship. This was aimed to dispel spiritual misconceptions associated with autism within the BAME community, counteracting beliefs like the notion that autism is a curse.

During the months of July and August, the GUBA Foundation actively participated in seven distinct places of worship. Each gathering drew in an audience of 200 to 400 attendees, offering a platform for meaningful engagement and education.