Autism I am not a Stigma
Destigmatising Autism, All Hands on Board

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The success of GUBA Foundation’s ‘Autism I am not a Stigma’ webinar on 27th February 2024, supported by the National Lottery, highlighted a substantial commitment to assisting neuro-diverse individuals in the ethinic and minority communities.The event, themed ‘Destigmatizing Autism, All Hands on Board,’ featured  speakers including medical professionals, SENCOs, and parents, with the presence of GUBA Foundation’s founder, Lady Dentaa Amoateng MBE, and Co-Chair, Yvonne Abba-Opoku and the Trustees of GUBA Foundation.

The event radiated heartfelt enthusiasm, showcasing a profound commitment to extending support within the community to those in need. Parents bravely shared their personal journeys, serving as a source of inspiration and catalyzing a collective realization of the significance of community engagement to make a positive impact.

Our founder, Lady Dentaa Amoateng MBE, welcomed the key speakers, parents, and audience, highlighting the webinar’s purpose and objectives while expressing gratitude to the National Lottery for their support.

Dr. Enrique Childress, an Educational Psychologist, provided invaluable insights into understanding autism spectrum disorders, highlighting early signs and avenues for accessing support services. The founders of Brightstars Autistic Club, Suezanne and Vida, elaborated on their collaboration with GUBA Foundation and the array of support services available to the community.

During the event, two parents, Nana (Parent & SENCO Teacher) and another parent Fiona, candidly shared their personal experiences and perspectives on raising a child with autism, emphasizing the vital role of community support and advocacy.

The post-presentation period featured a dynamic Q&A session enabling participants to engage directly with the speakers and panelists.

Closing the event, Yvonne Abba-Opoku announced the upcoming Autism Awareness & Acceptance Exhibition in Summer 2024, celebrating the strengths and talents of individuals with autism. Gertrude Asumadu, the Project Coordinator, highlighted on the call to action and shared details of upcoming events and workshops. The webinar was expertly hosted by Mandy Asamoah, Safeguarding lead and Assistant project manager of GUBA Foundation.

GUBA Foundation expresses sincere gratitude to all attendees of this webinar for their support in building a more inclusive community for neuro-diverse individuals and families.