Promoting Autism Awareness at the South East London SDA Church Children's Day Event

On 1st June 2024, GUBA Foundation joined the South East London Community Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church, at their Children’s Day event to raise awareness about Autism.

In collaboration with Onajite Clarke and BrightStarsYouthAutisticClub, we discussed the goals of the ‘Autism: I Am Not a Stigma’ project and highlighted available support and resources for parents and carers of autistic children. The Bright Stars Autistic Club also performed a sensory and therapeutic African drumming, music, and dancing session, which was enjoyed by all attendees.

The event was enlightening, invigorating, and inspiring, receiving an overwhelmingly positive response. We look forward to continuing our efforts to raise awareness within other churches and the broader african ethnic minority communities.

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