GUBA Foundation is delighted to receive £20,000 Grant from The National Lottery Community Fund

Welcoming the new year with excitement, GUBA Foundation is thrilled to announce the news of receiving an award of £20,000 grant from The National Lottery Community Fund in support of our flagship programme, ‘AUTISM, I AM NOT A STIGMA’. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to The National Lottery Community Fund and its players for their valuable support.

Lady Dentaa Amoateng, Founder and Chair of GUBA Foundation said,
“This funding will greatly support our charity’s efforts to dismantle barriers, address health disparities, and dispel superstitions surrounding autism. Our initiatives have been pivotal in fostering a community mindset that views autism not as a stigma but as a strength. We aspire to transform perceptions and actively contribute to fostering a more inclusive, neuro-diverse, and compassionate society. Our focus is on creating an environment where individuals with autism and their families not only feel embraced and understood but also receive crucial support for their ongoing growth and development.”

In the upcoming 18 months, we are committed to conducting autism awareness programmes in East and North London, with a dedicated focus on reaching out to minority ethnic communities, including African and Asian groups. Our aim is to empower families and communities to recognize early signs and obtain timely autism diagnoses. The program, designed to offer culturally sensitive support, includes specialized advice and referral services for young autistic individuals and their families. Collaborating closely with families, our focus is on building trust and fostering open communication to effectively engage with our work in local communities.

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