Autism Awareness & Acceptance (AAA) Exhibitions 2024

The GUBA Foundation’s Autism Awareness & Acceptance (AAA) Exhibition is an initiative designed to showcase the talents of visual artists, with a particular emphasis on the creative abilities of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The exhibition aims to promote understanding, acceptance and identifying unique talents for individuals on the autism spectrum whilst challenging the stigma often associated with autism especially in the black and ethnic minority communities.

GUBA Foundation supports the artistic expression of neuro-diverse individuals, providing a medium for communication and self-expression, thereby challenging stereotypes and eliminating the stigma associated with autism. Through AAA exhibitions, we hope to reshape perceptions and contribute to a more inclusive, neuro-diverse and supportive environment for individuals with autism.  

This year GUBA Foundation will be organising AAA exhibitions in April – the autism awareness month and in the summer. The exhibition will showcase the work of GUBA’s young Rising Star, Ama Antwiwaa Amponsah, an award winning 11-year old non-verbal talented artist.

Ama’s journey with art began at the early age. At three and a half years, she received a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, which posed significant challenges in adapting to main stream school in Windsor. Despite facing challenges with communication particularly in social settings, Ama’s passion for art proofed a powerful means of expression and communication.

The Covid-19 pandemic had a huge impact on Ama’s education. Consequently, her parents opted for homeschooling enabling Ama to focus on her creative work and providing opportunities to travel and draw inspiration and influences from different cultures and people.

With support from a dedicated tutor, Ama continues to hone in her skills whilst communicating and expressing her emotions through her artwork. Her ambition is to become a globally recognised artist.

AAA Exhibition- April 2024

Title: Autism Awareness & Acceptance (AAA) Exhibition
Featured Artist: Ama Antwiwaa Amponsah
Date and Venue: 9th April – 13th April 2024
Venue: The Tabernacle, Nottinghill, 34-35 Powis Sq, London W11 2AY

AAA Exhibition – July 2024

Title: Autism Awareness & Acceptance (AAA) Exhibition

Featured Artist: Ama Antwiwaa Amponsah and other artists

Date and Venue: 9th July – 13th July 2024 (exact date to be confirmed)

Venue: African Centre, 66 Great Suffolk St, London SE1 0BL (to be confirmed)

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