Lady Dentaa joins Her Majesty The Queen in Empowering Women Leaders to address Domestic Violence

Lady Dentaa was honoured to participate in the impactful Women Leaders event at Marlborough House in London on 15th November 2023. The presence of Her Majesty The Queen and distinguished leaders from the Commonwealth added significance to the occasion, where the critical issue of domestic violence was addressed.

Her Majesty The Queen, recognizing the event’s importance, emphasized the imperative task of safeguarding women and children from domestic violence. Rt Hon Patricia Scotland, Secretary-General of the Commonwealth, expressed her great appreciation for Her Majesty’s unwavering support and commitment to amplifying the voices of women in challenging circumstances.

At the request of Rt Hon Patricia Scotland, Secretary-General, Lady Dentaa was honoured to chair the discussion ‘A Call to Action: Safeguarding the Wellbeing of Women and Children’. During this significant moment, Lady Dentaa brought attention to the profound work of the GUBA Foundation, particularly the flagship initiative ‘Autism I am not a stigma’ aimed at breaking down barriers linked to the stigma associated with autism. Thereby, nurturing a community that is both inclusive and empathetic which addresses the distinct challenges confronted by individuals with autism and their families.

Distinguished guests at the event included leaders from the Mirabel Centre, Nigeria’s primary referral center providing crucial support to survivors of rape and sexual assault. Having assisted over 8,200 survivors across a broad age spectrum, the Mirabel Centre’s founder, Itoro Eze-Anaba, expressed heartfelt gratitude for the Queen’s patronage, recognizing its pivotal role in amplifying survivors’ voices and bolstering the center’s credibility.

Her Majesty The Queen engaged with Maya Kirti Nanan, the deserving recipient of the Commonwealth’s Young Person of the Year award for 2023. Originating from Trinidad and Tobago, Nanan established Rahul’s Clubhouse, an autism center making a notable positive impact.

Underlining the broader objective of the event, the Commonwealth Secretariat emphasized the formation of a collaborative alliance across diverse sectors and professions. This alliance is committed to actively working towards the protection of women and children from domestic violence. Moreover, the event’s outcomes are poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the Commonwealth’s strategy at Cop28, advocating for the essential needs and interests of women and girls.

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