“Together For Autism” Awareness at the Church of Pentecost, USA Inc. Houston Central Chapel, USA.

Empowering Autism Awareness in Houston: Dentaa’s Address at Church of Pentecost, USA Inc.

Houston, Texas, USA— On September 17th, 2023 – a momentous event took place at the Church of Pentecost, USA Inc., Houston Central Chapel, USA bringing together a diverse congregation to champion autism awareness and encouraging acceptance within the community.

The event featured the remarkable insights of our Founder, Dentaa, who passionately spoke about the GUBA Foundation’s ‘Autism: I am not a Stigma’ initiative, emphasizing the importance of awareness, reducing stigma, and early intervention for individuals with autism.

Dentaa’s address at the Houston Central Chapel, USA was a beacon of hope and knowledge, shedding light on the pressing issue of autism and its impact on individuals and their families. Her talk is encapsulated in a short video available on the website www.gubafoundation.org , which captures the essence of her message.

Dentaa highlighted the significance of seeking diagnosis and early intervention as a means to provide crucial support to individuals and their loved ones living with autism. Raising autism awareness in religious venues like the Church of Pentecost, USA Inc., Houston Central Chapel, is a vital step towards the formation of local support groups and initiatives. This fosters a network for families dealing with autism-related challenges, offering them a sense of community and understanding. It’s also an opportunity to engage a diverse audience, including families and individuals directly affected by autism or those who know someone who is. The congregation was encouraged to practice empathy and offer support to individuals with autism and their families, making the event a powerful catalyst for positive change.

Dentaa’s inspiring words resonated strongly with the attendees, and her insights continue to reverberate within the community, encouraging a more inclusive and compassionate approach to autism. The GUBA Foundation’s dedication to autism awareness extends beyond this event and has created a positive impact globally. The Foundation has a history of impactful initiatives primarily in the UK, with a focus on raising awareness, reducing stigma, and supporting individuals on the autism spectrum.

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