The Foundation organized a series of church tours across London with the aim of promoting awareness about autism. These tours provided a platform for volunteers, parents of vulnerable children, and young individuals associated with the tours to engage with diverse congregations. Their objective was to address the topic of autism and challenge stigmatized beliefs.

Among the churches featured in these tours were Dunamis International in East Ham, Living God International in Stratford, Trinity Baptist Church in Croydon, and Calvary Baptist Charismatic Church.

Reflecting on her participation with her son, one mother shared, “I was truly amazed by my son’s remarkable communication skills and his ability to express his thoughts so articulately. Up until that point, my son had not realized that his perspective and story held value for others. The interactions and inquiries he received from members of the community both inspired and empowered him. This positive experience even motivated him to join our team in speaking at subsequent events.”