As part of the GUBA Enterprise #GiveBack initiatives, GUBA Foundation was delighted to partner with Coriya Burns Falker, a valued member of our GUBA Diaspora Network, along with her dedicated group of travellers from Atlanta, Georgia, USA. On the 7th of September 2023, in celebration of Coriya’s birthday, the Foundation and the team visited the Rafiki Methodist Satellite Village in Winneba, the Central Region of Ghana.

Rafiki, a small and closely-knit community, is renowned for its strong sense of unity and communal spirit. Its residents lead a simple and peaceful life, valuing their cultural traditions and fostering a deep sense of community. Established in 2010, Rafiki Children’s Home primarily serves as an emergency and transitional care facility, offering refuge to children who have been abandoned or subjected to abuse. The institution’s mission extends beyond its walls, aiming to share the love of Christ not only with the children but also with the neighbouring villages.

The group were visiting Ghana under the GUBA Tours brand in conjunction with Go TravelChick, a personal travel blog and journal founded by Coriya Burns Falker; many of the group members had never been to the African Continent and were visiting Ghana for the first time. They were extremely keen to explore opportunities to give back to the ‘motherland’.

GUBA Foundation and travel group generously provided financial support along with the donation of essential school supplies such as books, pens, and pencils to approximately 75 students. Furthermore, they donated sandals, slippers, and clothing, ensuring that the students were comfortably attired for their daily activities and motivating them to learn. The team donated a laptop as token of appreciation to the headteacher of the institution.

Embarking on a charitable mission to transform lives and building sustainable communities, the GUBA Foundation lent its support to ‘Go Travel Chick’, one of Coriya Falker’s travel initiative. This charitable endeavour has not only made an impactful difference in the lives of these young students but has also instilled hope and inspired them to dream big.