As part of the inaugural Autism Awareness Event, the GUBA Foundation hosted a complimentary seminar for 200+ Ghanaian families. Our efforts included coordinating medical experts to offer insights on educational options, behavioral challenges, respite care, and facilities for autism-related services. This occasion provided parents with a unique chance to inquire, connect with service providers, and engage with other families facing similar situations.

During the event, attendees shared touching stories from beneficiaries and individuals living with autism. Their personal testimonies fostered an environment of openness, significantly contributing to heightened awareness and the gradual dismantling of stigmas within the community. Taking the awareness campaign to South London, the GUBA Foundation organized another event. This time, the focus was on delivering expertise in speech therapy, parent training, financial accessibility, social work, and autism in women. The event attracted 150 participants who gained invaluable advice and insights to assist their children and young adults.

The following year, the initiative was replicated in North London, benefitting over 70 attendees. The event featured remarkable performances by children with autism and a sharing of experiences by a successful employed adult with autism. The significance of early intervention was emphasized. The community members once again rallied together, willingly participating in our television advertisement campaign aimed at reducing stigma. This collective effort resulted in the establishment of enduring and supportive relationships, fostered through active community involvement.