Celebrating Success of AAA Exhibition, 9th – 13th April 2024

We extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who joined us in making the GUBA Foundation’s AAA Exhibition a great success, with a special acknowledgment to our sponsor, CEEK VR Ghana and distinguished guests. Your unwavering support and presence enriched the event beyond measure, contributing to its profound impact. The Autism Awareness & Acceptance (AAA) Exhibition […]

Autism Awareness & Acceptance Exhibition: 9th-13th April 2024

We are excited to launch this year’s Autism Awareness & Acceptance (AAA) Exhibition, featuring award-winning 11-year old GUBA Rising Star and multi-disciplinary artist, Ama Antwiwaa Amponsah. The AAA exhibition seeks to highlight and celebrate extraordinary talent and raise awareness around autism. Join us to view our AAA Exhibition starting from Tuesday 9th April (private view […]

Autism Awareness & Acceptance (AAA) Exhibitions 2024

The GUBA Foundation’s Autism Awareness & Acceptance (AAA) Exhibition is an initiative designed to showcase the talents of visual artists, with a particular emphasis on the creative abilities of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The exhibition aims to promote understanding, acceptance and identifying unique talents for individuals on the autism spectrum whilst challenging the […]

GUBA Awards 2023: A memorable night commemorating the brilliance of Africa.

Congratulations to the Beacons of Inspiration, our incredible winners! Your achievements are truly inspiring. A heartfelt thank you for joining us in celebrating African excellence at Grosvenor House, London. Your presence brought a unique brilliance to the evening, and we sincerely appreciate your unwavering support. Ama Antwiwaa Amponsah, the talented young artist who won the […]

A successful event at Aga Khan centre, London : Support the initiative to Decriminalise Suicide in Africa Diaspora

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25pl1DCf5hM Your stories have truly touched our hearts”.  The event at the Aga Khan Centre on October 25th marked the beginning of our profound collaboration with LifeLine International to support ‘Decriminalising Suicide Worldwide.’ Engaging in the critical conversation around mental health challenges and working towards reducing the stigma associated with suicide in the African diaspora […]